Strategy Meeting, Hobbs Brewery, Ossipee

Theresa Swanick, Knute Ogren, Mike the waiter, Patricia Pustell, Ryan Sempf

We spoke with yet another young person who can’t make the money she needs to in NH and is planning to move so she can make enough money working part time to allow her to attend school out of state. Very ambitious young lady NH is losing… we hope to change that. When kids say they need to make higher minimum wage and their parents nod their heads, you know it’s true… we need fresh ideas to invest in the young people of NH, the future of NH! Vote for Knute and Pat and me to represent Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield and Brookfield in Concord come November 6. Register to vote with your town clerk.

Knute4NH    Elect Patricia Pustell    TheresaSwanick4NH


Daylilies & Democrats in Brookfield

Great Daylilies & Dems event in Brookfield – lots of new energy, inspiring military experience and independent thinking! Thank you Martha Pike for hosting us in Brookfield . Knute Ogren, Patricia Pustell and I are running to represent Brookfield, Wakefield, Ossipee and Effingham in the NH House of Representatives!

Knute4NH    Elect Patricia Pustell    TheresaSwanick4NH

M&M Deli and Grille in Ossipee!

Knute Ogren, Pat Pustell, Theresa Swanick

Great to eat at Ossipee’s M&M Deli and Grille, run by Michelle Ashley and Mike, with out terrific server Molly! Knute Ogren, Patricia Pustell and I are running to represent Ossipee (and Effingham, Wakefield, Brookfield) in the NH House of Representatives for Carroll County District 5!

Knute4NH    Elect Patricia Pustell    TheresaSwanick4NH


Ossipee July 4th Old Home Week Parade

Theresa Swanick & Knute Ogren

A terrific Ossipee Old Home Week Parade it was on Independence Day! Great to met so many folks and hear some of your concerns. We hear you! Knute Ogren and I are running to represent Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield, and Brookfield in Concord, along with Patricia Pustell of West Ossipee. Thanks Ossipee, and thanks Mellisa Seamans for the photo op!

Knute4NH    Elect Patricia Pustell    TheresaSwanick4NH