Breakfast at Lino’s

Knute Ogren, Pat Pustell, Theresa Swanick

The Dynamic Trio had breakfast at Lino’s Restaurant this morning. We missed the man himself (Lino’s a busy guy!) but the food was awesome and Jill and Donna friendly servers! We three are running for the three open seats in the NH House to represent Wakefield, Ossipee, Brookfield and Effingham.

We discussed the issues that the citizens we talk to care about: fighting the opioid epidemic; keeping young people in NH; supporting businesses and families (since businesses are families) with good schools, affordable healthcare, and improved infrastructure; legalizing marijuana to help treat opiate addiction, help fund that treatment, and help fund education and defray property taxes which are among the highest in the nation. We have new energy and fresh ideas we’d like to take to Concord for Wakefield, Ossipee, Brookfield and Effingham!

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