Miss Wakefield Diner’s Scott Bramer

Thank you Scott Bramer for running a stellar small business: Miss Wakefield Diner & Gracie’s Country Store!

Knute4NH and Elect Patricia Pustell Carroll County and I had a fantastic breakfast with Casey our friendly server. We appreciated hearing about the issues and talking about solutions. Register with your town clerk, VOTE Nov. 6th, even if it’s not for us!

Knute Ogren, Theresa Swanick, Patricia Pustell, Owner Scott Bramer

Commissioner Babson’s Pumpkins

“David L. Babson, Jr. donated, plowed the land, planted and tended the seeds and today is pumpkin give a-away day in Ossipee, NH to all the employees to thank them for their dedication and hard work at the local Nursing Home.

Thank you, David!” – Dale Hagenloch Reynolds

Tumbledown Cafe & Sheepdog Halligans

We enjoyed a nice lunch in Wakefield. Tumbledown Cafe is a sweet little spot that served a great turkey club sandwich (Theresa and me) and chicken wings (Pat).

Then we went next door to Lilacs Consignment Shop where Pat got a great buy. Theresa went with me into Sheepdog and Halligan Customs where I ordered my campaign lawn signs. Cassandra was awesome. And she worked wicked fast to get me a handful of signs to hold on Primary Day, SEPT 11.

Carroll County District 5 has lots of spots, lots of character, lots of potential, and lots of drive. We are so moved by how nice people have been as we talk about our hopes to win District 5’s State Rep seats. Three seats for the four towns of Wakefield, Effingham, Brookfield, and Ossipee.

Theresa Swanick, Patricia Pustell and Knute Ogren
Patricial Pustell scored a deal at Lilacs Consignment
Cassandra of Sheepdog Halligans and Knute Ogren

Labor Day in Wakefield!

Delicious breakfast and friendly service at Miss Wakefield Diner!

On Labor Day, we can remember that so, so many Americans benefit from activists who brought about fair wages, the idea of employee benefits, safer working conditions for people in all kinds of industries, standard number of hours, overtime pay, and more. It’s not perfect. There is plenty more to do.

Strangely, many people in this country are voting *against* their economic and health interests bysupporting candidates with records that are NOT favoring the average worker. At the state level, are you aware that there are people in office (namely people who are presently Carroll County’s District 5 reps) who voted against efforts to create an “opt in” insurance program that would allow people Family Leave for emergency and health purposes? “Opt-In” is Freedom of Choice! Vote for common sense leadership — Ogren, Pustell and Swanick for State Rep!

Patricia Pustell, Theresa Swanick and Knute Ogren