My mother was a nun… before she married. I take after her and want to bring civility back to government. Born and raised in Carroll County, my five siblings and I grew up in Wolfeboro, with both our parents working at Kingswood. My mother was apolitical; my Dad, a hunter and political moderate, supported Dems and Republicans, depending on what they stood for. My grandfather owned the Wolfeboro Hardware Store. I know well that small business is the backbone of NH. And hunting and the great outdoor tourist industry too are key to our NH life and economy.

I’m a bipartisan moderate running to bridge the divide between parties and between neighbors.

    • NH Native of Carroll County
    • Jeb Bradley recommended me to LEADERSHIP NH ‘13
    • Elected Trustee of Trust Funds
    • Planning Board Chair and former Selectman for Effingham
  • My work protects family farms, local agriculture and working forests
Previously registered as Republican, I am running as an moderate Democrat to represent all residents of Ossipee, Wakefield, Brookfield and Effingham. I’m not a one-issue candidate or a party line person. I’m asking Republican, Independent, Libertarian and Democratic voters to support my campaign for a pragmatic bipartisan voice to move N.H. forward.
Thank you for your consideration.