The Issues

Why are you running for state representative in Carroll County?

State Representatives serve in the NH House and on the County Delegation, which of late has been quite antagonistic in Carroll County, with one state rep suing the county at taxpayer expense.

Formerly a registered Republican, I run as a Democrat to bring civil bipartisanship to the county and Concord. The incumbents vote along party lines 98% of the time. I will work for the people of Ossipee, Wakefield, Brookfield and Effingham; people over party and politics.

What do you think are the 3 most important issues you plan to address if elected, and what steps would you take?

1) The opioid crisis has many levels: addicts, orphans, disrupted businesses, and burdened health care and law enforcement. Legalizing, regulating and taxing cannabis could solve multiple problems.

Regulating cannabis like alcohol would control sales for public safety. Cannabis for some can be a gateway off of opiates. It’s a safer alternative to other illegal drugs. The costs of policing, prosecuting and imprisoning drug offenders could be saved.

Taxing cannabis would generate revenue for treatment and support services. The revenue could also help fund public schools, which would help lower property taxes. If we don’t act, this revenue is headed to our surrounding states that have already legalized cannabis.

2) Businesses drive our economy, families run businesses; I support the needs of businesses and families: good schools, affordable childcare and health care, sustainable energy, improved infrastructure and paid family leave to care for loved ones.

3) And every small business I talk to is hurting for skilled workers. We need fair wages and lower cost community and trade schools to prevent youth flight, and school-to-work and job training programs to help workers meet the needs of local businesses.

What sets you apart as a candidate for state representative (qualifications or achievements)?

I’m a NH native, raised in Carroll County, trained as a lawyer. My work protects farms, local agriculture and working forests. I serve as Trustee of Trust Funds, Planning Board Chair and formerly as selectman for the Town of Effingham. Senator Jeb Bradley recommended me to Leadership NH ’13, a yearlong class on state government and statewide policy issues affecting the NH.

On the November 6 ballot, voters choose candidates from any party. I promise the Independents, Republicans and Democrats of Ossipee, Wakefield, Brookfield and Effingham: if you elect me to represent you, I will broker common sense solutions for the common good.

I ask for your vote November 6th.