Labor Day in Wakefield!

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On Labor Day, we can remember that so, so many Americans benefit from activists who brought about fair wages, the idea of employee benefits, safer working conditions for people in all kinds of industries, standard number of hours, overtime pay, and more.┬áIt’s not perfect. There is plenty more to do.

Strangely, many people in this country are voting *against* their economic and health interests bysupporting candidates with records that are NOT favoring the average worker. At the state level, are you aware that there are people in office (namely people who are presently Carroll County’s District 5 reps) who voted against efforts to create an “opt in” insurance program that would allow people Family Leave for emergency and health purposes? “Opt-In” is Freedom of Choice! Vote for common sense leadership — Ogren, Pustell and Swanick for State Rep!

Patricia Pustell, Theresa Swanick and Knute Ogren