Brookfield Coffee

We were warmly welcomed by Brookfield selectmen Rich, Brian and Rick, to monthly coffee last Saturday before the first snow blew in. Engaging conversation with folks and interesting to learn about their beautiful historic building and see the work that has gone into it thus far. I listened, learned and was challenged in a good way. Thank you, Brookfield!

Brookfield Town Hall

Don’t Forget To Vote Nov 6

Trivia Team “Don’t Forget To Vote Nov. 6th” had more community fun at Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Company Tuesday Trivia despite the competition! Rebecca Moore, Adam Fales, Rob Waterman, and Bob Pustell joined the three of us.

Knute4NH, Elect Patricia Pustell and I are candidates for the three open NH House seats representing the hardworking folks of Ossipee, Wakefield, Brookfield and Effingham! As Knute says, “We’ve been so encouraged by the great vibe in District 5. There are just 12 days to go until Election Day. We hope friends are telling friends who are telling friends about our vision for a common sense direction – all for the common good.”

Please Vote Tues. Nov 6!

Patricia Pustell, Knute Ogren and Theresa Swanick

Ossipee Pine Barrens Trail

A great ribbon-cutting event opening NH’s first accessible trail in our own Ossipee Pine Barrens off Route 41 and Ossipee Lake Road.

Knute Ogren
The Nature Conservatcy’s new accessible trail
Trail initiation!
Senator Maggie Hassan and Knute Ogren

Pizza Barn Powwow

We had Karen’s tasty pizza and planned out more of the home stretch of the campaign! Autumn served us and educated us once again on why so many young people are leaving our great state of NH. We hope to address the hurdles they face and retain our youth!

Knute Ogren, Theresa Swanick, Patricia Pustell

Mountainview Station Break!

I had Chrissy’s fabulous strawberry shortcake at Mountainview Station in Center Ossipee! We had great conversations with the owners and eaters. Folks just want common sense leadership in the county and Concord! Vote Nov 6th!

Knute Ogren, Theresa Swanick and Patricia Pustell

Yankee Smokehouse lunch break

Thank you one and only Yankee Smokehouse! Lunch break yesterday for three candidates for the NH House. Knute4NH, Elect Patricia Pustell Carroll County and I grabbed a bite. I knew the food was great but the pizza is awesome! We planned the countdown ‘til election day, Nov. 6. Check out our candidate questionnaires in this week’s Carroll County Independent and please VOTE Nov. 6, even if its not for us!

Knute Ogren, Patricia Pustell, Theresa Swanick

Yard Signs

Putting up signs as we campaign for the three NH House seats that represent Wakefield, Ossipee, Brookfield and Effingham.

Patricia Pustell and Theresa Swanick
Signs on Route 16 throughout the district.

Miss Wakefield Diner’s Scott Bramer

Thank you Scott Bramer for running a stellar small business: Miss Wakefield Diner & Gracie’s Country Store!

Knute4NH and Elect Patricia Pustell Carroll County and I had a fantastic breakfast with Casey our friendly server. We appreciated hearing about the issues and talking about solutions. Register with your town clerk, VOTE Nov. 6th, even if it’s not for us!

Knute Ogren, Theresa Swanick, Patricia Pustell, Owner Scott Bramer

Commissioner Babson’s Pumpkins

“David L. Babson, Jr. donated, plowed the land, planted and tended the seeds and today is pumpkin give a-away day in Ossipee, NH to all the employees to thank them for their dedication and hard work at the local Nursing Home.

Thank you, David!” – Dale Hagenloch Reynolds

Tumbledown Cafe & Sheepdog Halligans

We enjoyed a nice lunch in Wakefield. Tumbledown Cafe is a sweet little spot that served a great turkey club sandwich (Theresa and me) and chicken wings (Pat).

Then we went next door to Lilacs Consignment Shop where Pat got a great buy. Theresa went with me into Sheepdog and Halligan Customs where I ordered my campaign lawn signs. Cassandra was awesome. And she worked wicked fast to get me a handful of signs to hold on Primary Day, SEPT 11.

Carroll County District 5 has lots of spots, lots of character, lots of potential, and lots of drive. We are so moved by how nice people have been as we talk about our hopes to win District 5’s State Rep seats. Three seats for the four towns of Wakefield, Effingham, Brookfield, and Ossipee.

Theresa Swanick, Patricia Pustell and Knute Ogren
Patricial Pustell scored a deal at Lilacs Consignment
Cassandra of Sheepdog Halligans and Knute Ogren

Labor Day in Wakefield!

Delicious breakfast and friendly service at Miss Wakefield Diner!

On Labor Day, we can remember that so, so many Americans benefit from activists who brought about fair wages, the idea of employee benefits, safer working conditions for people in all kinds of industries, standard number of hours, overtime pay, and more. It’s not perfect. There is plenty more to do.

Strangely, many people in this country are voting *against* their economic and health interests bysupporting candidates with records that are NOT favoring the average worker. At the state level, are you aware that there are people in office (namely people who are presently Carroll County’s District 5 reps) who voted against efforts to create an “opt in” insurance program that would allow people Family Leave for emergency and health purposes? “Opt-In” is Freedom of Choice! Vote for common sense leadership — Ogren, Pustell and Swanick for State Rep!

Patricia Pustell, Theresa Swanick and Knute Ogren

Cindy’s Place in Wakefield

Theresa Swanick, Pat Pustell and Knute Ogren

Great to be out listening to people’s concerns at Cindy’s Place. Met a school teacher in a summer job as waitress to keep up with her family’s needs. A small business woman working her heart out and giving to the community. Majority wants common sense in Concord! We three run for the three open NH state house seats to represent Wakefield, Ossipee, Brookfield and Effingham!

Breakfast at Lino’s

Breakfast at Lino’s this morning: we missed the man himself (Lino’s a busy guy!) but the food was awesome and Jill and Donna friendly servers. We three are running for the three open seats in the NH House to represent Wakefield, Ossipee, Brookfield and Effingham.

We discussed the issues that the citizens we talk to care about: fighting the opioid epidemic; keeping young people in NH; supporting businesses and families (since businesses are families) with good schools, affordable healthcare, and improved infrastructure; legalizing cannabis to help treat opiate addiction, help fund that treatment, and help fund education and defray property taxes which are among the highest in the nation. We have new energy and fresh ideas we’d like to take to Concord!

Knute Ogren, Pat Pustell and Theresa Swanick

Meeting @Hobbs in Ossipee

Theresa Swanick, Knute Ogren, Mike the waiter, Patricia Pustell, Ryan Sempf

We spoke with yet another young person who can’t make the money she needs to in NH and is planning to move so she can make enough money working part time to allow her to attend school out of state. Very ambitious young lady NH is losing… we hope to change that. When kids say they need to make higher minimum wage and their parents nod their heads, you know it’s true… we need fresh ideas to invest in the young people of NH, the future of NH! Vote for Knute and Pat and me to represent Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield and Brookfield in Concord come November 6. Register to vote with your town clerk.

Knute4NH    Elect Patricia Pustell    TheresaSwanick4NH


M&M Deli and Grille in Ossipee!

Great to eat at Ossipee’s M&M Deli and Grille, run by Michelle Ashley and Mike, with our terrific server Molly!

We are running to represent Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield and Brookfield in the NH House!

Knute Ogren, Pat Pustell and Theresa Swanick


Effingham Street Fair

From Right: Knute Ogren and Grace Fuller

Knute and I visited the Effingham Street Fair on Saturday morning. What a great time! Here’s Knute’s report:

“The whoopie pies by Susan — awesome. Edith’s Swedish Almond Squares were getting lots of shout outs. I enjoyed connecting with Grace at this booth that had people like me buying dimes to throw into pans and tins and any number of metal containers. It was very cool. I met Noah who was WAY better than me and won lots of tickets.

Kudos to everyone who had a role in organizing the Effingham Street Fair. It’s good when the community comes together. Effingham Elementary, Effingham Fire, the Effingham Historical Society, the Effingham Preservation Society … wicked good.”